William Witham Jr.

30dsn Vehicular sentencing1

Pictured on a T-shirt worn by family members, the late Anya Jackson, then 6, is shown with her kindergarten graduation certificate.

30dsn Vehicular sentencing2

The late Anya Jackson’s family members stand outside the Kent County Courthouse on Wednesday morning. They are, from left, uncle Antoine Jackson, fiancee Danielle Mills with Anya’s 1-year-old sister Destini, father Anthony Jackson and grandmother Jacquelyn Garrett. (Delaware State News/Craig Anderson)

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Isaiah W. McCoy is currently incarcerated at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington. (Submitted)

Michael Houghton

Michael Houghton

death penalty2-PoolPhotoJMinto

Delaware Deputy Attorney General Sean Lugg addresses the justices on Wednesday. He said the state’s death penalty meet all the elements outline by the U.S. Supreme Court. (Pool photo by Jason Minto/The News Journal)

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From left, Justice James T. Vaughn Jr., left, Justice Randy J. Holland and Chief Justice Leo E. Strine, Jr., listen to oral arguments in the Rauf vs State of Delaware. The court is weighing whether Delaware’s death penalty statute is constitutional in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down part of Florida’s death penalty sentencing scheme. (Pool photo by Jason Minto/The News Journal)

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Gabrialla M. Rivera

14dsn James F. Sparks

James F. Sparks

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Anthony Stafford-Jordan, from left, Devin A. Thomas, and Kameron Scott were all indicted last week after investigation into a string of alleged robberies in Kent County.