Fire Camp 2015

The Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service has trained more than 600 volunteer firefighters, and now every season deploys 20-person crews for out-of-state wildfire assignments. (Submitted photo)



Harold, left, at 69, and Bill, at 63, are the oldest members of Brode brood of firefighters. Harold Brode has served for 51 years.


From left, Jason Brode, Dan McLaughlin, “Bubba” Brode, Robbie Brode and Kenny Brode are proud to serve the Harrington Fire Co.


The Brode family of firefighters, include, from left, Kenny Brode, Dan McLaughlin, Harold Brode, Jason Brode, Robbie Brode and 7-year-old Robert “Bubba” Brode. Members of the family currently serve with Harrington Fire Company Station 50 and Clayton Fire Company No. 1 Station 45. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)


On Wednesday Lewes fire trucks drive over the Barker’s Landing Bridge on Del. 1, south of Dover during a procession for Lewes firefighter Tim McClanahan who died in a training exercise.(Delaware State News/Marc Clery)


A Parcell Funeral Home hearse carrying firefighter Tim McClanahan during a procession over over the Barker’s Landing Bridge on Del. 1, south of Dover. The procession started in Wilmington and ended in Lewes on Wednesday. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)


Delaware State Police and firefighters from across the state escort a hearse carrying the remains of Lewes firefighter Tim McClanahan over Barker’s Landing Bridge on Del. 1, south of Dover. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)


The Lewes Fire Station 2 is draped in black bunting after the loss of Lewes Fireman Tim McClanahan.


Lewes Fire Chief Gordon Davis speaks about Tim McClanahan.