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Suzanne Farris with son Harrison at the presentation of the Governors Youth Volunteer Service Awards. All four of her children have now received this prestigious honor. (Submitted photo)


American Mothers Delaware Mother of the Year Suzanne Farris meets with Gov. John C. Carney Jr. during an April ceremony. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

Talmud and Sluder

Keith Talmud and Christina Sluder have been together for almost 22 years. They have two children together. He took Ms. Sluder into his home when she was seven months’ pregnant with her second child from a previous marriage. (Submitted photo)


Keith Talmud, 49 of Smyrna, was diagnosed with cancer on his 40th birthday. (Submitted photo)

15dsn from the editor colon

India S. Colon, left, snapped this photo with her 86-year-old great aunt, “Tia Clara,” who endured Hurricane Maria alone in Orocovis near the center of Puerto Rico. The area endured many mudslides. “Minimal relief efforts have arrived there to date,” said Ms. Colon Friday, “But local neighbors and family have been checking in on her. She adores her home. Her spirits were high and she was more concerned about finding something to feed me.” (Submitted photo/India S. Colon)


Eugenia and Don Thornton in the Delaware Veterans Home in Milford on Memorial Day. (Submitted photo)

12 dsn Sisters Survivors september 2017

Breast cancer survivors Natasha Simms, far left, and her twin sister, Lynette Shannon, second from left, launched a support group for women of color, “My Sister’s Keeper” in March. (Submitted photo)


Nadeem Boggerty, along with 12 other young people and five groups, were recognized for their community volunteerism with the Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Awards during a ceremony at the Polytech Adult Education Conference Center in May. (Special to the Delaware State News/Arshon Tyree)


Miss Del 4

Chelsea Bruce after her victory Friday night.