16 cadets graduate DOC basic officer training

DOVER — The Delaware Department of Correction hosted a graduation for 16 cadets from the Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC) on Friday.

According to the DOC, eight will join the agency as probation officers, five as correctional counselors and three as community corrections officers.

The DOC is the state’s largest law enforcement agency with more than 2,000 sworn officers.

The Friday ceremony included remarks from DOC Commissioner Perry Phelps, Chaplain Gus Christo, Training Administrator Jodie Hunter, Primary Instructor Eric Eldridge and class speaker Al Hake.

The Delaware State Police Pipes and Drums were also present and helped welcome the cadets in front of family and friends.

Among the topics addressed during the 14-week academy are conditions of supervision, offender assessments, victim services, weapons training, defensive tactics, offender contact, substance abuse training and CPR/Basic First Aid, noted DOC management,

“As a probation officer, you will wear multiple hats. In any given week, you will be a coach, a counselor, a teacher and an enforcer of rules,” Commissioner Phelps reportedly told the graduates. “Treat the men and women you encounter with dignity and respect. Know that you are in a position to change lives every day of your career.”


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