2019 Annual report to the electors of the city of Harrington

As presented by Mayor Anthony R. Moyer on June 3, 2019

I am pleased to report that the City of Harrington has been growing over the past year. New homes, as well as new businesses, have opened. I would like to welcome Council Members Joe Gannon and Micah Parker back for another term, and I appreciate them as well as all council members for their dedication and passion they give to the city.

This is a big year for Harrington as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the city. Our 150th Committee has been working hard to put together events and raise money for this momentous occasion. I thank them for their effort and great deal of time they have dedicated to this occasion. I also look forward to the remainder of events they are planning. This really is a milestone for the city.

The City Council seeks to be good stewards of the city’s money, and headed by Vice Mayor Amy Minner, the Budget Committee, City Manager Don Williams, and City Treasurer Shawanda Garrison (our new City Treasurer), the upcoming budget does just that by doing everything possible to keep costs down. The fact is that costs are continuing to rise. Therefore, in the coming year, we will be evaluating fees in order to provide the most cost-effective services possible. Employees have done a great job of cutting costs in their daily performance of their work.

Congratulations to our Employee of the Year, Joyce Wix. Joyce will be retiring in the upcoming year and will be missed as she leaves us to pursue a more southern lifestyle. Our long-time employees are Ruth Peterman with 30 years, Alan Moore with 25 years, Glen Hayman with 20 years. The Police Department recognized Kenny Brode for 15 years milestone with the department.

It is important and necessary for the city to maintain and improve its infrastructure consistently, and to that end, the City has several projects that are currently being worked on or are scheduled for the near future. A plan to loop a water line and extend sewer lines on Harrington Avenue has been approved by the Council and will soon come to fruition. After delays, the construction is beginning on the sewer capacity improvement project. Pending projects include the closure of the lagoons, new library, reconstruction of Hanley Street, and water capacity improvements.

The Comprehensive Plan is being reviewed by a committee for any necessary updates. A master plan to transform a city-owned property and surrounding parcels into an industrial park is being worked through. An expansion to the Downtown Development District has also been submitted to the State of Delaware for approval. In the past year, you have seen the new city seal, the Charter has been updated, and computer and the sewer monitoring system have been upgraded.

Our city lost a great asset with the passing of Ann Palidino; in honor for all she has done in the City, Ann was named as the inaugural Citizen of the Year as well as the food pantry building being named in her honor. What makes a city a community is the people, so I want to thank all those that get involved in this great place we call home. Thank you not only to those that serve as elected officials or on committees for the city but also those that volunteer for any of several of the local organizations such as the Harrington Fire Company, little league, 4-H, and so many more. We have also been blessed in the past week with having the good fortune of a professional hockey league choosing Harrington as its new home, and we welcome them. Side note: we beat out Salisbury and Wicomico County.

In conclusion, the city’s 150th year has been a good one. It is my honor to be part of this, and we look forward to continuing the positive momentum into the future.

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