AAA: Remember the rules when getting back on the road

DOVER — As Delaware loosens COVID-related restrictions, more people will be out driving, some after not doing so for a while. That’s why AAA and state officials are urging people to remember the rules of the road.

“We urge motorists to remember the rules of the road as they return to their regular driving habits,” AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman Ken Grant said.

“After weeks of not driving regularly, many are out of practice behind the wheel. It is critical for the safety of all road users that motorists obey traffic laws, reduce speed, eliminate distractions behind the wheel, and don’t drink and drive to prevent unnecessary tragedies on our roadways.”

One major impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been a decline in traffic, with many people venturing out far less frequently. As a result, some have taken advantage to drive recklessly, AAA said.

“After seeing traffic volume statewide decrease by more than 50 percent this spring, we are quickly seeing traffic volume rise to near-normal levels,” Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan said. “We want everyone to be safe as they begin more regular travel, and encourage motorists to drive safely, attentively, and to slow down, especially in work zones!”

Delawareans and visitors should take care to follow speed limits, stop at stop signs and red lights and avoid distracted, aggressive or impaired driving.

“As more drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are returning to the roadways, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety wants to remind drivers to obey the speed limit, buckle up, be attentive and look twice for motorcycles and pedestrians,” Director of the Delaware Office of Highway Safety Kimberly Chesser said.

“Pedestrians should also practice safe walking habits and ensure that they are visible at night by carrying a flashlight and wearing reflective clothing. We want everyone to get where they are going safely.”