Accused rapist will face each count separately

GEORGETOWN — A Georgetown man indicted on six rape counts that covered six years will face the charges separately, a judge ruled late last month.

Defendant Clay D. Conaway could conceivably be substantially prejudiced if evidence from one alleged incident was presented to support another, according to Superior Court Judge Richard F. Stokes in a 27-page opinion issued July 30.

Mr. Conaway, of Georgetown, was 22 years old when taken into custody on Aug. 22, 2018 for a first-degree rape charge.

Other allegations followed, resulting in five second-degree rape counts, along with second-degree attempted rape and strangulation charges.

The Delaware Department of Justice declined comment Monday, as did defense attorney Joseph A. Hurley.

The opinion referenced half a dozen accusers in cases from 2013 to 2018, including when Mr. Conaway was in high school and college.

The defendant’s bid to dismiss two second-degree rape counts was denied.
The state will determine in which order the charges are tried, the judge ruled.

Deputy Attorneys General Casey L. Ewart and Rebecca E. Anderson represented the DOJ in the motions.

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