Adopt a Fourth of July firework for … $17.76

DOVER — The Adopt-A-Firework concept has a perfect price point that should never change — $17.76.

For $17.76 anyone can salute 1776, our country’s year of the declaration of independence from the British Empire and reason to celebrate mightily each year.

Since 2007, the Dover Fourth of July Celebration committee has taken individual sponsorships for a single firework for the night during the city’s overhead pyrotechnic display scheduled for dusk, about 9:15 p.m.

Committee president Greg Patterson said fireworks account for $16,000 of the roughly $23,000 budget to put on an annual show, while the other $7,000 or so goes toward paying for a sound system, portable toilets, entertainment and children’s activities.

The adoption program included 20 fireworks the first year, and has grown steadily since. Mr. Patterson said he’s expecting up to 100 or more sales this year.

The program has raised $1,000, and another grand is desired, organizers said.

“It is a noticeable portion of paying for the cost of fireworks,” Mr. Patterson said.

The show is best viewed on Legislative Mall and lasts roughly 20 minutes.

Those who adopt a firework will receive an “adoption” certificate with an individual number of the firework owned for the night, officials said.

The 501(c) nonprofit relies on sponsorships to keep the show going, and has a strong group of business sponsors that contribute to the cause.

Individuals can take part as well, and Mr. Patterson said it draws them closer to the event.

“Any contribution is appreciated and it literally makes people feel like they’re part of putting on the show,” he said.

More information can be found at or by calling an automated line at 674-7579. Interested sponsors can email For general information, email

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