Adoptable dogs evacuated from Puerto Rico land in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN – Thirty adoptable dogs from shelters in earthquake-ravaged Puerto Rico touched down in Georgetown Sunday morning, hoping to find forever homes here in America.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA received the dogs on the emergency evacuation flight facilitated by Wings of Rescue, in partnership with and The Sato Project.

“We sent the dogs to our animal rescue center in Georgetown, and that is where they are being checked out medically, making sure to see if any of them need time to adjust. And then Tuesday morning is when they are going to move to all our campuses to be available for adoption Tuesday afternoon,” said Brandywine Valley SPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli.  “Most of the dogs will go up for adoption on Tuesday, and they’ll be available at our Georgetown, New Castle and West Chester campuses,”

Sunday’s flight touched down an hour early, around 10 a.m. at the Delaware Coastal Airport.

A Brandywine Valley SPCA representative comforts one of the 30 dogs that arrived in Georgetown Sunday on an emergency evacuation flight from earthquake-ravaged Puerto Rico. (Photo courtesy Brandywine Valley SPCA)

The recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico damaged some animal shelters and left others euthanizing highly adoptable animals due to lack of food and water.

Overall, 110 at-risk shelter pets were flown from Puerto Rico to Delaware, New Jersey and Florida. The receiving shelters included Brandywine Valley SPCA, St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey and Broward County Humane in Florida as well as foster homes through The Sato Project.

The dogs that arrived from Puerto Rico are all fully vetted and health certificated, highly deserving and adoptable pets who hopefully will soon find forever new homes, Ms. Torelli said.

“We just need folks to come and give these poor things a home,” said Ms. Torelli. “I think a lot of people aren’t aware of it because obviously Australia has such a bigger devastation problem right now, but I think people aren’t aware of what is happening in Puerto Rico.”