Alleged ‘offensive touching’ victim returns to school

CAMDEN — A 14-year-old special needs student seen on video taking several punches and kicks during a confrontation last week returned to classes at Caesar Rodney High Monday, his family said.

Rose Boyles said her son “was a little nervous” about going back to the school where he was allegedly beaten during an incident in the cafeteria on Oct. 3.

The sequence lasting more than 10 seconds was recorded on another student’s cell phone and posted on social media.

A 15-year-old student was issued a criminal summons for “offensive touching” by Delaware State Police and released to his parents.

Despite assurances by the school district that her son wouldn’t come in contact with the accused student by adjusting class schedules, Ms. Boyles said they inadvertently saw each other both Monday and Tuesday.

Ms. Boyles said she called the school Wednesday morning and was assured by a vice principal there would be no further contact moving forward.

Also, Ms. Boyles said her son’s earlier two-day in-school suspension for foul language toward the 15-year-old had been rescinded.

Based on the video, Ms. Boyles maintained that a more serious charge should have been filed. According to his family, the boy suffered a bruised face, cuts above and below his eyes, knots on the back of his head and a mark from a punch or shoe in his neck area.

“I would like to see the charge upped to more than offensive touching,” she said. “The video showed it was much more than that. I’m not saying he should go to jail or anything like that but there has to be a strong punishment. The school district keeps saying it was a mutual fight and I think it has been handled very poorly.

“No way was it a mutual fight. My son wasn’t hitting or kicking anybody.”

An attempt to reach the CR School District for comment Wednesday was not successful.

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