Aloha! Adele’s Delaware Day celebration continues on Maui

WAILUKU, Hi. – A “50-to-1” Delaware Day celebration in tropical paradise launched more than 20 years ago continues in early December.

Former Delawarean Adele Rugg, for nearly four decades a transplanted castaway on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is again the coordinating host for the annual First State Delaware Day celebration in America’s 50th State.

The celebration is Dec. 8, the day after the traditional observance of Delaware Day, which recognizes Dec. 7, 1787 – the date Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution.

Dec. 8 happens to be Ms. Rugg’s birthday.

“Anyone who has lived in Delaware, went to school in Delaware, has worked in Delaware, is visiting from Delaware is invited to attend,” said Ms. Rugg.

The celebration will start at noon (Hawaiian time) at Beach Bums BBQ & Grill, located at 300 Maalaea Road at the Maalaea Harbor in Wailuku, Maui.

Guests will be greeted by a large banner: “Aloha from the 50th State to the 1st State.”

If possible, Ms. Rugg asks those attending to wear clothing with ties to Delaware.

The purpose of this annual celebration is to share the love of the First State with those who are visiting from Delaware and former First State residents who now living on Maui, Ms. Rugg said.

“What was the coolest thing – my father and mother, Ruth and Bill Rugg, had a music shop in Seaford for over 50 years, Rugg’s Music Shop – and this young man comes up to me and he has on a Bethany beach sweatshirt. He says, ‘You may not remember me, but I used to take trombone lessons from your dad every Tuesday night for years,’” Ms. Rugg said. “The young man wearing the Bethany Beach sweat-shirt was Bo Short. His father — Bob Short — was the State of Delaware Insurance Commissioner for a number of years.”

“There are all sorts of wonderful stories about people that are from Delaware that have moved here. It’s a small world,” Ms. Rugg said. “Sometimes people are visiting, and they can’t believe it when they see a Delaware flag.”

Ms. Rugg has a special request for any visitors coming from Delaware, sharing in the spirited, fun-filled Maui hospitality.

“If there are visitors from Delaware who will be on Maui we would love to have a ‘taste of Delaware.’ So, it would be so nice of them to bring along some Tastykakes, Entenmann’s, Dolles Caramel Corn or even a Capriotti or Casapulla sub!” said Ms. Rugg.

Raised in Seaford, Ms. Rugg attended elementary and high school in Seaford and went to Goldey-Beacom College in Wilmington. She lived and worked in Wilmington for a number of years, including for several law firms and a U.S. Senator — “our beloved U.S. Senator William (Bill) Roth,” Ms. Rugg said.

She moved out west in the mid-70s, stopping first in San Francisco for a few years where she worked as a free-lance para-legal. Then it was off to Hawaii.

“I have been on Maui for almost 40 years and have been holding my ‘Annual Delaware Day Celebration on Maui for over 20 years,” Ms. Rugg said. “We have many First Staters living on Maui and it is always fun to get together at least once a year.”


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