Bad bet? If the Eagles win, Delaware loses

DOVER — Here’s betting Eagles’ love trumps the state’s interests riding on Super Bowl LII.

Loyal Philly fans can probably accept the state taking a $600,000-plus hit if it means securing Vince Lombardi championship trophy for the first time.

The Delaware Sports Lottery will pay out $354,465 to bettors who picked the Eagles to win it all this season.

That’s only if they win, however. If the Patriots triumph, the state pockets $271,301 from its Futures wagering.

Add it all up, and that’s a swing of $625,766 hanging in the balance of the Super Bowl result on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis.

Throughout the season, fans wagered on NFL teams to win the Super Bowl at fluctuating odds in the state-sponsored lottery. The winless Cleveland Browns opened at 250-1 longshots, meaning a $100 bet would have earned $25,000 with the longshot title.

The Eagles began the year at 28 to 1 odds based on the uncertainty of quarterback Carson Wentz’ development and spotty track history as a franchise. This year, bettors with early faith just may cash in big time. Odds by the end of the year were 6 to 1, so there was still opportunity to jump on the money train as the wins piled up.

Of course, the money that will or won’t go into the state coffers is just a small fraction of the operating budget and important funding will be found somehow.

Every little bit matters, though, right? The Fiscal Year 2017 budget, for random example, provided $309,600 for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to provide Capitol Police 12 ballistic resistant shields and Delaware State Police 20 ballistic resistant vests, five explosive ordnance disposal suits and 100 Automated External Defibrillators.

A Patriots win could have paid for almost all of that and an Eagles win would take it all away and then some.

Regardless on next month’s outcome, the state had its best year ever on football wagering, according to Delaware Lottery Director Vernon Kirk.

Delaware is currently up by about $9.7 million with only the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl affecting the remaining bets profit or loss.

The state profited by $2.2 million last year with similar sales, so the big picture is great whether backup QB Nick Foles continues Philly’s magical run or Tom Brady keeps New England on top as he has so often.

“That’s the unpredictable nature of sportsbetting,” Mr. Kirk said.

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