Barbecue eatery near Georgetown to stage July 4th fireworks

GEORGETOWN — Fat Daddy’s BBQ, a popular roadside eatery near Georgetown, will be the staging grounds for a huge Fourth of July celebration featuring fireworks and a well-known entertainer.

Brothers Pyro of Bridgeville will provide the fireworks extravaganza and Mike Hines will sing and entertain July Fourth at Fat Daddy’s venue, 13203 Seashore Highway, several miles west of Georgetown.

“The biggest thing is just trying to give back to our community, because to be honest, everybody has been cooped up,” said Brenda Lee Frey, co-owner of Fat Daddy’s with husband, Jeff. “What is the biggest celebration of the year? It is usually the Fourth of July. Everybody wants fireworks. And everything has been canceled.

“With everything else that is going on right now, I think the one thing that we need to remember is that, you know what … America is America. And we still are the land of the free. We still have amazing men and women fight for us. And we need to celebrate them,” Mrs. Frey said.

“I am all about the red, white and blue and our military.”

The celebration is scheduled from 7 to about 10 p.m.

Mrs. Frey said staging large-scale events was part of the game plan when they purchased the 32-acre Whitefield Farms property along Del. 404 about eight years ago.

“Eight years into this, I didn’t think that we’d be so fast at doing it. Yeah, I wanted it done yesterday,” she said. “A lot of stuff has been done within the eight years that we have owned this property. And now, definitely utilizing it for something that my vision was originally, and that is events, so I am excited about it.”

Fat Daddy’s BBQ was one of the vendors that was to be part of the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce’s Stars & Stripes IV celebration at Cupola Park. However, that event, along with other regional fireworks shows, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another July Fourth fireworks show is in the works in Dewey Beach on the bayside in front of Northbeach.

At Fat Daddy’s, Mike Hines will kick off at 7 p.m. Fireworks will go off just after dusk, approximately 9:15, and Mike Hines will return to finish the celebration.

“Let’s just do this and let our hair hang down for a little bit, just to say, ‘Thank God for the USA and thank God that we are in the land of the free. That’s exactly what we are, even though some people have forgotten that right now. And it’s one nation under God, period,” Mrs. Frey said.

“Let’s give some people some hope; the light is coming at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep pushing through.”
The Fat Daddy’s event will mark a return of fireworks to the Georgetown area.

“(Delaware Technical Community College) used to shoot them off every year; 1995 was the last year,” Mrs. Frey said. “So, I am excited that 25 years later, we’re actually able to bring them back to the Georgetown location.”

The event has the support of the Greater Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. “The chamber has always been amazing to us,” she said.
Mrs. Frey added that having a fireworks show was a must this year.

“Everybody loves fireworks. What is going to happen is, if you don’t give them a place to do it, they are going to go out and do it themselves, and somebody is going to get hurt. Somebody is going to catch something on fire,” she said. “Let’s bring them to a safe place where they can have fun, they can dance, they can watch this amazing fireworks show — and go home.”

Their property has been assessed, and the event has the Delaware State Fire Marshal Office’s blessing.

“They have been out here. They have done their thing. He has signed off on it. That is all through the Brothers Pyro. They take care of all of that,” said Mrs. Frey. “We walked it out and done it out. The fire marshal has been out here. They have approved it and signed off on it.”

Fireworks are not inexpensive, and financial support is welcome. Anyone wishing to offer sponsorship support can send checks payable to Whitefield Farms, 13203 Seashore Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947.

“We do have people that are stepping up. We do have people that are sponsoring,” said Mrs. Frey. “It’s exciting. It’s new. People don’t know me from Adam, except just here. But I think this is going to put us on the map for things that are yet to come.
“We’ve got to do right.”