Bayhealth allows patients to view medical data on iPhones

DOVER — Bayhealth now allows patients to view their medical data with the Apple Health app. Individuals with iPhones can check out their health history, including data from providers outside of Bayhealth.

“By supporting the Health Records on iPhone feature, we’re making it even easier for our patients to access not only their health records with Bayhealth, but their health records with other providers,” Vice President and Chief Information Officer Rick Mohnk said in a statement. “It’s important for patients to fully understand and advocate for their health.

Being able to see all of their health records at their fingertips goes a long way in making that happen.”
While individuals have already been able to view their records online through the patient portal, the app is designed to be more consumer-friendly.

As a result, information like medications, allergies, immunizations, lab results and procedures is now available with a few clicks on a mobile phone. Users can receive notifications when their data is updated.

“Being able to use an app like this puts patients at the center of their care, and we hope having that access will not only improve patient engagement but improve their outcomes as well,” Mohnk said.

To learn more about the app, visit Visit to sign up for the online patient portal.
Bayhealth has campuses in Dover, Milford and Smyrna, along with satellite facilities scattered across Kent and Sussex counties.

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