Beau Biden honored with U.S. House resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. − The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution by unanimous consent commemorating the life of Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III on Thursday.

The resolution said, “The House of Representatives has heard with profound sorrow and deep regret the announcement of the untimely death of Joseph Robinette Biden III.”

Mr. Biden, formerly Delaware’s attorney general, died Saturday of brain cancer. He was 46.

Congressman John Carney, D-Del., spoke in honor of Beau Biden, the eldest son of Vice President Joe Biden, and in support of the Resolution, prior to its passage.

“This weekend, Beau Biden left this world far too soon at the age of 46. My home state of Delaware, and this country, suffered a loss that is deeply painful, and deeply personal,” Rep. Carney said in his remarks. “Beau won our hearts when, as a young boy, he and his brother survived a car accident that killed his baby sister and his mother. His father, Joe, was sworn in to the United States Senate at Beau’s hospital bedside.

“After the accident, Joe held his children tight because he knew how fragile life was. And the rest of Delaware did the same with the entire Biden family.

“We watched Beau grow into a young lawyer, and then elected him twice to be our Attorney General, where he became a champion of protecting the most vulnerable among us.”

While Rep. Carney was speaking in Washington, Delawareans were gathering at Legislative Hall in Dover to pay their respects.

Vice President Biden and family greeted citizens who came to offer condolences.

“Back in my home state of Delaware, people are hurting,” Rep. Carney said. “It feels like every person you meet has been wounded by this loss, and just wishes there was something we could do to support our friends, the Bidens.

“But it is they who are comforting us. They have shown us the courage to believe that there is something more enduring than grief. Love endures – Beau and his family, through their love for each other, have shown us that.”


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