Beebe Healthcare launches COVID-19 screening app

LEWES — In an effort to provide COVID-19 screening for all, Beebe Healthcare has partnered with Intraprise Health to launch the Beebe Healthcare COVID-19 Screening Tool on both Apple Store and Android Google Play Store.
The app, now available, uses Center for Disease Control and Prevention evidence-based screening questions. Users can walk through the series of questions and then based on the finding – whether testing is recommended or not – they can self-schedule testing online or they can request a call from Beebe Medical Group representatives to schedule.
In addition to using the app for screening, users can also find easy access to COVID-19 resources and education material. The app seamlessly links up with Beebe’s website and provides links to locations, education, and what you can expect when getting tested for COVID-19.
Intraprise Health worked on the app with Beebe Healthcare teams, which included Information Systems, Communications, Beebe Medical Group, and Beebe Healthcare leaders.
To download the app, go to your App Store or Google Play Store, search for Beebe COVID-19 or Beebe Healthcare, and then select download. Once it is downloaded, you are ready to go through the screening or gather information from the educational resources.