Black Friday puts shoppers in holiday spirit

DOVER — From wedding shopping to crossing items off holiday lists to picking up some household necessities for a steal, Black Friday drew out crowds around Delaware.

Nearly 12 hours after most stores opened shoppers were either picking up where they left off the night before or starting out at their first stop.
At Target, Toni Hendricks and Stephanie Graybeal said they were drawn out for the deals that helped cross gifts off for their kids and husbands.

For Ms. Hendricks, it was the second part of her shopping endeavors.
“She’s dedicated,” Ms. Graybeal noted.
“I like the thrill of it,” Ms. Hendricks said.
For Ms. Hendricks, there is a tradition to getting out with family.
“It puts me in the holiday spirit,” Ms. Graybeal added.
After driving up from Lewes on the hunt for fireplaces with her family, Brittany Richardson agreed that the day does help get them ready for the holidays.
“It’s festive,” she said. “We’re just having fun. It’s an adventure for the day.”

Vera and Thomas Shorter were up from Alabama visiting family, and headed out to the Dover Mall in the morning. While Black Friday isn’t always part of their Thanksgiving celebration, the sales brought them out.
“This time, I came out for one thing in particular. I found it, and we’re going home,” Ms. Shorter noted, adding, “It’s fun for me.”

While picking up some essentials at Walmart, Kim and Steve Herd agreed that the experience can be fun, especially when they were buying toys for their kids when they were younger.
This year, their primary reason for coming out on Black Friday was a vacuum.
“Now we just buy ourselves toys,” Mr. Herd said joking.

The pair had already been out the night before, hitting up Sam’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and the Dover Mall for household items and other things.
“This is our last stop,” Ms. Herd said.
Gifts for kids and an Apple Watch — already sold out — were some of the reasons that brought Robert Dixon out in the afternoon.
Like others, he had started during the night. During the day, he said his family was spread out around Delaware.

He noted that it used to be a big family tradition, and it was always fun talking about it during dinner.
“I have fun,” he said. “It’s not as crazy as it used to be. It’s the best time of year to get good deals.”

For Gaby Sarduy, wedding shopping was top of mind during the sales. With her future in-law, Rhonda Tomlinson, she headed out Thursday night and returned to shop some more during the day.
“I never loved anyone enough to do this before,” Ms. Tomlinson joked.

Ms. Sarduy had found most of what she was looking for — they hit some craft stores and Walmart — but had plans for other destinations.
“The day has only begun,” she noted.
With Friday, the shopping season has only begun, as well. Saturday kicks off Small Business Saturday, where main streets throughout Delaware are banding together throughout the day to entice shoppers to spend money locally. Sales continue online next week, when Cyber Monday kicks off.

From Thanksgiving evening through the weekend, the National Federation of Retail estimates that around 165.3 million people will get out to shop, with the most — around 114.6 million — shopping on Black Friday itself.

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