Brady leads Delaware delegation in nominating Trump for president

DOVER — Wearing a Colonial-style tri-cornered hat with the spotlight shining on her at the Republican National Convention Monday, Jane Brady began with a lesson on Delaware history.

“It was a dark and stormy night July 1, 1776 when Caesar Rodney rode his horse (north to) Philadelphia (and arrived on July 2) to break the tie that was preventing the colonies from declaring their independence.

“Two days later the declaration was (signed).

“On Dec. 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution,” she said.

With that context established, the Delaware Republican Party chair continued on that “From Delaware the great state, the First State, from that great beginning, the greatness of what we are in the future, we nominate president Donald J. Trump and cast all 16 of our delegates for Donald J. Trump.”

An enthusiastic round of cheers and applause followed as Ms. Brady completed Delaware’s commitment to the presidential nominee in North Carolina’s Charlotte Convention Center. Her presentation – part of the roll call of states – took about 50 seconds.

Shortly afterward, the official process of nominating President Trump as the GOP’s candidate for four more years in office was complete.

According to Ms. Brady the presentation “was a tremendous opportunity and I was thrilled to outline the critical role Delaware holds in our history.

“It was such a great story that a lot of people aren’t aware of.”

She is enjoying her time at the convention that has been downsized due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

“This is been an exciting few days in Charlotte. I attended training on getting voters to the polls, and using social media to get the president’s message out to voters.”

Delegates sat in on remarks from the president and Vice President Michael Pence, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

“The message was upbeat and positive and focused on the objectives of the Trump administration over the next four years to bring the economy back, improve services to veterans and improving the opportunity for economic prosperity for all Americans,” Ms. Brady said.

“The excitement and energy was tremendous, and everyone left Charlotte with commitment to do everything they could to see Republican victories occur in the fall.”

Following the nomination Monday, Delaware State Chairman of the Trump-Pence 2020 re-election campaign Rob Arlett released a statement that read:

“With unanimous support from the Delaware delegation to the Republican National Convention, it couldn’t be clearer that Delaware Republicans are fully behind President Trump and Vice President Pence.

“The RNC Convention is going to portray an optimistic vision of what is to come on November 3rd where voters will have a clear choice: continue our Great American Comeback or go down the Democrats’ road of radical left policies that will bankrupt our country.”

Delaware’s 16 delegates represented each of the state’s three counties and five GOP regions. They included Ms. Brady, Mr. Arlett, Ellen Barrosse, Carol Bodine, Robert Brokaw, Ermanno DiLorenzo, Richard Forsten, Mike Harrington, Tim Houseal, Paul Johnston, Chris Kenny, Genevieve Leake, Hank McCann, Don Petitmermet, Priscilla Rakestraw and Laird Stabler.

The Associated Press reported that the coronavirus’ impact was plainly evident at the convention center, where just 336 delegates gathered instead of the thousands once expected to converge on this city for a week-long extravaganza. Attendees sat at well-spaced tables at first and masks were mandatory, though many were seen ignoring the regulation.