Bridgeville bakery closed after health inspection

BRIDGEVILLE — Jirehs Bakery was closed last week after an inspection found multiple alleged violations including pest infestation, the Delaware Division of Public Health determined.

A mouse was seen running out the back door of the eatery at 113 Market Street, according to the four-page report, and dead roaches were ound covered in cobwebs.

Treatment by a professional pest control company and cleaning all food surfaces was ordered before a re-opening inspection could be scheduled.
An attempt to reach the bakery via telephone Tuesday was not immediately successful. An update on the re-inspection process was unavailable,

A closure sign — to be removed by the health department only — was placed on the front door. A $50 fine was assessed due to repeat priority and core violations, the report said.

Debris buildup on, around and underneath equipment was seen and the “entire kitchen (was) in need of a good deep cleaning …” according to an inspector. Employee personal items were stored in work areas, Public Health found.
Priority violations included, among others:
• Eggs stored directly over ready to eat products.

• Chlorine test strips expired in 2014. No test strips available to test concentration of sanitizer.
• No person in charge present with knowledge of food safety. Numerous commercial pest control items observed in storage room.

• Large buildup of debris underneath mixer heads.
• Numerous products store in refrigeration to be without any date marking.
• Cutting boards with buildup of grease and debris. Repair, replace or remove.

Core violations cited, among others:
•Youth seen sitting in lounge chairs in food prep area. Non-food workers are not allowed in food prep areas.

• Food in unlabeled bins.
• Insufficient light available in kitchen for workers to see what they are doing.

• No hair restraints seen on any employee.

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