Buck’s remarkable journey comes to an end

FELTON — Buck, a striking Great Pyrenees, became the talk of the town late last year after he was spooked by a loud noise, escaped through a fence and ran off into the night on Dec. 28.

Bill Moser and Lynn Lofthouse with Buck. (Delaware State News file photo/Marc Clery)

A community came together to search for Buck, who was adopted by Felton’s William Moser on Dec. 23 after he had another Great Pyrenees, Ace, euthanized last November after the dog experienced organ failure at the age of 13 years, 11 months old.

There were Buck sightings reported from all over the Felton area and beyond on social media for a week before he was finally found – safe, but dirty – and reunited with Mr. Moser on Jan. 6 at Bowers Beach.

While that was a moment of jubilation for Mr. Moser and his friends, sadly, he announced on his “Bring Buck Home” Facebook page on Monday that he was forced to have the nearly 2 1/2-year-old old dog euthanized.

“Today at 5:30 p.m., Buck was painlessly and humanely euthanized at (Governor’s Avenue Animal Hospital),” Mr. Moser wrote. “After work (Monday) he had very labored breathing, was not eating and could not keep his medicine down.

“He was weak enough he had trouble getting up. You always hope for a miracle or more time, but he was ready. Godspeed and Rest In Peace Buck. 3/2015-7/10/2017.”

Earlier, Mr. Moser said that Buck was suffering from a tumor that went “from his tail, around his pelvis into his belly.

“It also looked like two of his lymph nodes are enlarged, which could mean that it’s spreading.”

Due to the nature and size of the tumor, which could not be medically treated, Mr. Moser made the difficult decision to euthanize Buck on Monday night.

Though their time together did not last very long, it was certainly eventful.

Mr. Moser called Felton “an amazing community” after a neighbor’s Facebook post led to a vigilant search for his big dog in the freezing cold of winter.

Jo Ann Morris, a resident of Felton, recalled the remarkable story and the impact Buck had on the community on Mr. Moser’s “Bring Buck Home” Facebook page after he first informed people that the dog was seriously ill.

“It has been a difficult journey,” Ms. Morris said. “Buck is such a beautiful dog. It seems so strange that this should happen to him but we will always remember the happy ending after he was on the run shortly after he came to stay with you.

“That was a miracle when he was found in Bowers Beach. I know a lot of people are praying for another miracle.”

Unfortunately, there were no miracles left for Mr. Moser this time around as he was forced to say goodbye to another best friend.

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