Businesses can seek COVID relief from organization

DOVER — As the COVID-19 crisis continues, small businesses that are fighting to stay afloat now have access to a new emergency relief fund launched by True Access Capital.

A Delaware-based nonprofit, the group aims to support businesses struggling due to the pandemic. Low-interest loans of up to $20,000, with interest and principal payments deferred for the first six to 12 months, are available. While funds are available, each business that receives a loan will also receive a $5,000 grant.

“Many small businesses, particularly minority- and women-owned businesses, were not able to take advantage of federal or state relief programs,” Vandell Hampton, president and CEO of True Access Capital, said in a statement. “We created this loan fund in order to fill the gap. We want to help those small businesses that were missed.”

To apply for funding through the Emergency Relief/Recovery Loan and Grant Program, contact True Access Capital at 652-6774, ext. 113, or

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