Camden Police change color logo, renovate office’s interior

CAMDEN — The newly painted, smooth surfaced walls stretch down hallways inside the Camden Police space at town hall. All scuffs, dents, nicks and scratches have been sanded away.

The bathroom is renovated and cracked caulking replaced throughout the building, all at no cost thanks to donations and after-hours, off-the-clock work.
The department’s five patrol vehicles have two-toned black and white “Camden Police” and “911” markings on the sides, replacing the blocky, straight blue.

Approximately 10 months into his leadership post, Camden Police Chief Marcus Whitney has changed his department look inside and out, on the streets and in the parking lot.
“Part of my plan coming in was to change the department’s appearance to look more modern,” Chief Whitney said. “It’s a morale booster and that breeds office productivity whether it’s in law enforcement work or any other profession.

“If an employee is happy and positive he or she will work better.”
K&R Graphics & Sign Co. created the new look design for the patrol fleet at $1,200 a vehicles, which came with the safety feature of reflective colors at night.
“A patrol car is an officer’s office and that’s projected to the public every day,” Captain Whitney said.

At the Camden Police office can be seen the new logos.

On Feb. 27, Camden PD’s Facebook page launched and had 835 followers as of Thursday afternoon. When the new vehicle markings were announced on social media, a flurry of compliments followed, including among others — “Looks great”, “Looks awesome”, “Looks great”, “Very fresh!”, “Beautiful new look. Keep up the good work”, “Looks nice”, “Love the new colors”, “Much better!!!” and “Coolest”

The local Lowe’s store donated materials needed for inside improvements, and Cpl. Justin Buchwald put them to use.
“Since January he’s been doing the renovations on his own time,” said Chief Whitney, who has assisted as well.
“When he’s not here working he’s here working. He’s very dedicated.”

The sprucing up will continue with more historical memorabilia going up on the walls. There’s also suggestion to add “Camden Police Department” on the town hall sign outside the 10-year-old building.
“I’m big on history and telling the story of this police department,” Chief Whitney said.

The new look police vehicles has caused some confusion. When some motorists didn’t immediately pull over during would-be traffic stops, patrol officers wanted to know why.

“A couple said they couldn’t tell what exactly was behind them,” the chief said. “Others have indicated they thought they were EMS or out of town police cars. We understand that becoming accustomed to the new look takes time.”

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