Camden-Wyoming man acquitted of murder pleads guilty to weapon charge

DOVER — A 30-year-old Camden-Wyoming man found not guilty of murder in August pleaded guilty to a weapon charge related to his apprehension during the investigation.

On Monday morning in Superior Court, Raymond Ward accepted a possession of a firearm by person prohibited count, which brought a five-year minimum mandatory sentence, according to the Delaware Department of Justice. He was ordered to complete the Key program which has a primary goal of changing “negative patterns of behavior, thinking and feelings that predispose one toward drug abuse,” according to the Delaware Department of Correction online.

Upon release, Ward will serve 12 months of Level III probation. He was previously convicted of a violent possession with intent to deliver felony, which brought the person prohibited count.

Ward was credited with time served since he was taken into custody without incident at a Terry Drive residence in Magnolia on July 10, 2017. Police said at the time that he was in possession of a loaded .38 caliber handgun.

Ward went to trial in August for the June 27, 2017 shooting death of Dequan Dukes at Pine Grove Apartments in Dover, and was found not guilty on all charges after a jury deliberated for less than two hours. Three others were also arrested in the case.

Level III probation is intensive and “entails at least the equivalent of one hour of supervision per day and no more than 56 hours of supervision per week. The minimum of one hour of supervision per day is achieved through direct offender contact, collateral contact, verification of each offender’s activities (e.g., residence, employment, training and school), and performance with court-ordered treatment and Community Service. The emphasis is on supervision through increased community contacts.”


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