Carney: Upcoming school year big question

The day after he formally extended his COVID-19 state of emergency for another 30 days, Delaware Gov. John Carney in his weekly update Tuesday said a huge challenge lies in preparing for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

“How are going to educate our children next school year? Gov. Carney said. “How do we bring children back to schools and protect them and make sure they are not going to get sick, but they are well from a number of perspectives, and not just COVID 19 virus but also mental health and stress concerns that we are all experiencing because of the shutdown and the change in the lifestyle that children feel pretty dramatically?” 

The state’s school reopening work group has completed its work and submitted their recommendations and through Department of Education Secretary Dr. Susan Bunting “it is coming to us and it is being reviewed by the Division of Public Health,” Gov. Carney said.

Focusing on the recent surge in positive cases among younger people in Sussex County’s beach area as Delaware remains in Phase 2 of reopening, Gov. Carney said the state overall remains slightly above five percent positive cases.

“What we are seeing across our state as reopening occurs is percent positives that are a little bit higher than where we would like to see them … in the 2 to 2 ½ percent range,” said Gov. Carney said.

Gov. Carney announced, “In the fall I am moving into Phase 3, economically,” but said he is hoping the state can decrease in the number of positive cases “so that we can have some assurance as we make really hard decisions coming up over the next weeks, in terms of opening our schools.”