Chester County (Pa.) SPCA to provide Kent dog control service on interim basis

DOVER –– Chester County SPCA of West Chester, Pa., will provide dog control service for Kent for the remainder of the year..

The county contract with the Chester County SPCA will expire on Dec. 31 because on Jan. 1, the State of Delaware Office of Animal Welfare will take over the service.

In June, First State Animal Care’s (FSAC) contract for dog control services was set to be terminated on Sept. 15.

So an interim solution needed to be developed.

“We weren’t looking for a contract, it’s just a matter of fulfilling our mission statement of saving lives,” said June Iv, the director of emergency sheltering at the Chester County SPCA.

The Chester County SPCA is the first open admission shelter in Pennsylvania to earn no kill status and is currently the only open admission shelter in both Chester and Delaware counties.

Despite being based in Pennsylvania, Kent County Dog Control will have four local officers who live in Kent County. All four were sworn in on Tuesday.

“We want to assure residents that this is a service that will be run by local people with local experience,” said Mike Petit de Mange, county administrator.

All the officers will be uniformed and drive SUVs with the Chester County SPCA decal on the doors.

All stray or lost dogs picked up by dog control officers will be photographed and posted on the Lost and Found Pets of Delaware Facebook page.

Posts will be posted within minutes of a pickup and will include a date, time and closest intersection or point of interest where the animal was found.

For assistance with dog control between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., call 302-300-8244 For after-hour assistance, call 302-995-7313.

If you are looking for a lost pet in Kent County, check the Lost and Found Pets of Delaware Facebook page.

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