Cheswold mulls waiving taxes for council members

CHESWOLD — An idea to consider waiving Town of Cheswold council members’ municipal tax obligations as a form of compensation has been floated in the Kent County community.

Vice Mayor Larence Kirby clarified this week that the possibility “came from a brain storming session, as someone thought other municipalities utilized compensation.” The topic appeared on the Nov. 5 regular meeting agenda posted online at

Council members are not currently paid for their duties as elected officials.

Mr. Kirby declined to discuss any potential plan since it’s currently just a “recommendation” and far from coming to fruition, if it ever does. The concept has not been officially proposed or voted on.

“This was a recommendation that hasn’t been seriously considered by the council,” Mr. Kirby said. “If it is officially proposed and voted on, then I can provide comments, but I won’t comment on a recommendation.”

The agenda item was listed under “old business” and described as a “pending project.” It was categorized as a potential town charter update to add Section 6.7 – Compensation to Elected Officials.

The section read – “Compensation to Elected Officials The Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Secretary/Treasurer and three, (3), Councilpersons, (as applicable), serving as the members of the Town Council shall be compensated for their service/s to the Town by having their Town taxes waived for the period that such persons serve as members of the Town Council.

“A period shall be equivalent to a two-year elected or Council appointed term. The tax waiver shall cease upon a majority vote of the Town Council or should Town finances require the waiver to cease as evidenced by a General Fund balance of $100,000, as reported by the Secretary/Treasurer.”

This week, Mr. Kirby noted that the issue “will be discussed publicly, after research, to determine if it’s a viable option, as we don’t want to appear ‘self-serving.’”

Mr. Kirby said “No timetable was discussed.”

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