Church purchases property as site for new ‘home’

DOVER — New Harvest Baptist Church will finally have a place to call its own after five years of using the Delaware Agricultural Museum as its place of worship and service

The church purchased property on 1462 N. Little Creek Road in Dover and leaders hope to have their new facility open in about two years.

“We’re excited,” said James McBride, pastor of New Harvest Baptist Church. “We feel as though it’s going to take about a year to get everything up and running, but it may be two to three years. It just depends how quickly we can get everything together with the planning process.”

The new facility will be about 12,000 square feet and will be a place that will hold church services as well other community-oriented events once it’s open.

“We plan to use it seven days a week and open it up to various groups,” Pastor McBride said. “We’re here for the community. We’re very community oriented.”

Pastor McBride said it was time for new beginnings.

“The church opened about 2014,” he said. “Even when it first started out it was at a private home. One of the core group members had a big enough home to host a bible study and then it moved to the agricultural museum.” But it began to outgrow that venue, too.

“We’ve been looking for a church home for about two or three years now,” Pastor McBride said. “This property came available and we went through the process of checking it out to see if it was the right fit for us and it was.”

A retired ordained Baptist minister, Pastor McBride said, “I was staying active by helping churches out and I knew a lot of the core members of the church. I started out as a consultant to help them get things going and they felt like they wanted me to stay on as their pastor.”

He officially accepted that role six months after the church opened.

“The first planning process on moving to a new location came about once I came on board,” Pastor McBride said. “I led them to discover what kind of church they wanted to be and how was the best way to get to the people. We’re really involved with the community. We do a lot of community events which led to more and more members joining the church. We have about 80 members now. “

The community and other organizations have taken notice of the church’s continuous involvement, as New Baptist Harvest Church was able to put about two thirds of the total cost of the property down through tithes and offerings.

“Our giving has been remarkable,” Pastor McBride said. “We only owe a third of the property. That just goes to show how much the community and people believe in us.”

Even though the new church won’t be open any time soon the church envisions the day when their new facility will be open.

“We can’t wait,” Pastor McBride said. “It’s going to be an exciting time. We’re still thankful for the agricultural museum for all that they do for us. We can’t thank them enough. We’ll still be there until our facility opens.

“We feel as though some people don’t feel like their worshipping unless they’re in a church style atmosphere and people have told us that while we’ve been the museum. It’s going to be a great feeling to provide that service to those who may feel that way and to continue our services for our members and the community we serve in our own building.”


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