City searching for people who want to serve

DOVER — The city of Dover has six spots available for individuals who would like to serve the community on one if its’ several committees, commissions or boards.

Kay Sass, public affairs and emergency management coordinator for Dover, doesn’t necessarily think the outbreak of vacancies is any indication of people’s willingness to give their time and serve the city.

“I don’t know if there is really much more of an issue than as it has been in the past,” Ms. Sass said. “Part of it is that we want to make sure we have a good cross section of individuals that are represented throughout the committees.”

Ms. Sass said the city currently has three vacancies on its Human Relations Commission and one each on the Compensation Commission, Economic Development Committee and the Planning Commission.

The terms and responsibilities vary for each opening. Additional information regarding each of the open positions and an application to apply can be found on the city of Dover’s website at

Individuals with questions about serving on one of the committees or commissions should contact the City Clerk’s Office at 302-736-7008.

Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen said it is vital for the city to find people with different backgrounds to serve.

“It is important for everyone to take an active role in their community, one way to accomplish this is to serve on one of the committees,” he said.
“Some of the vacancies include the Human Relations Commission, Planning Commission, Economic Development Committee and the Compensation Commission.

“The committees are made up of people from diverse backgrounds, so we have a full representation of our community, our goal is to get more individuals to take participate and give back.”

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