Clayton company wins bid for Rodney Village sewer project

DOVER — Gateway Construction’s low bid to complete an Inflow and Infiltration Removal capital project in the Rodney Village housing development was approved unanimously by the Utility Committee at the city of Dover’s Council Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday night.

Gateway Construction, from Clayton, will be doing an extensive amount of work for their bid of $682,795. A 3 percent discount by the city of Dover for local vendor preference made it $662,311.

The construction company is expected to re-line 3,789 linear feet of eight-inch sanitary sewer main, remove and replace 70 sanitary sewer laterals and cleanouts, install eight new cleanouts, reinstate 58 sanitary sewer laterals and site and pavement restoration.

City Council still needs to approve the bid and Gateway Construction will receive a Notice to Proceed to be issued within 30 days of their approval. Substantial completion of the project is expected to accomplished within 60 calendar days.

“This will be almost $900,000 into Rodney Village for the I&I Project,” Dover City Manager Donna Mitchell said. “Gateway Construction was awarded a 3 percent reduction due to local vendor preference and their qualifications are fine.”

Gateway’s bid came in lower than Reybold Construction Group of Bear ($780,923) and Standard Pipe Services, also of Bear ($861,630).

Mrs. Mitchell said, “Staff has reviewed the contractor’s qualification information, which included a list of recently completed projects similar in material scope to the sanitary sewer replacement project and their financial statement and found all information to be adequate. The low bid represents fair market value; and their qualifications are in accordance with the requirements of this project.”

The Inflow/Infiltration Removal capital project hopes to correct areas in the sanitary sewer collection system that are deteriorating and allowing groundwater to enter the sanitary sewer system through cracked pipes and/or through poorly sealed joints.

Eliminating infiltration into the city’s sanitary sewer mains will result in reduced pumping and treatment costs.

Mrs. Mitchell said that during Fiscal Year 2018-19, a Sanitary Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Study was conducted by Public Works staff to identify areas with high priority relining, repairs and replacements if needed.

The study was completed by reviewing sanitary sewer assessment videos through a pipe condition grading software program. Public Works field staff collected the videos and provided them to the Engineering and Inspections Division of Public Works. The high priority list was placed on a relining schedule over the next five years.

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