Collins to lead Aglands Preservation Foundation board

DOVER — Through a virtual confirmation hearing, the Delaware Senate confirmed and appointed Mark Collins to lead the Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation Board of Trustees.

As a life-long family farmer from Laurel, Mr. Collins tils 1,300 acres. He and his wife, Dawn, produce watermelon, corn, soybeans, and poultry. Mr. Collins has been involved in the Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Program with land enrolled in an agricultural district for 25 years. He has had the development rights purchased by the state over the years, so that farmland can be preserved for the next generation at DMC Farms. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Collins earned a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural engineering. He has been instrumental in the Laurel Auction Market and the Mar-Del Watermelon Association, having served as a board member and president. He has served as an Executive Committee Member and Executive Council Member of the National Watermelon Association. Mr. Collins is only the third chair of the Board of Trustees in the history of the Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation. His appointment will begin on July 1, 2020.