Combination of Chronicle and State News will cover Milford like never before

MILFORD — At the end of February, The Chronicle will vacate its physical office at 37 N. Walnut St.

The newspaper, of course, will keep right on publishing the first day of each month and continue to be delivered free by mail to residents in Milford, Harrington and Felton.

“This is absolutely the right move to help us achieve our end goal, which is to expand and deepen our coverage of southern Kent County, including Milford, Harrington and Felton,” Publisher Darel La Prade said.

In 2018, The Chronicle transitioned from a weekly to a monthly publishing cycle. This transition allowed the paper to triple its circulation and to begin using saturation mail to reach every residential mailbox in the Milford, Harrington and Felton area.

“There were more than a few skeptics, when we made those changes,” Mr. La Prade said, “but as it has turned out, we have been able to grow our audience. Readers and advertising clients tell us they love the new Chronicle.”

The conversion of the Chronicle to a monthly publication entailed more than a change in the publishing cycle.

“When we adopted the monthly approach, we also consciously changed the content of The Chronicle,” Mr. La Prade said. “We purposely concentrate on more people news, with more photos, and more about what to do and see in the coming month. We are giving our readers information they can’t easily find elsewhere.

“This shift in concentration and content in The Chronicle also created new efficiencies for us,” Mr. La Prade added. “Now we have a clear path to use our daily, the Delaware State News, as the local newspaper of record. No longer does our daily compete with our weekly. Through the combination of the monthly Chronicle, our daily, and its website we are delivering more local news than ever.”

The State News offers home-delivery subscriptions and single-copy sales throughout Kent and Sussex counties, as well as a free daily email newsletter, consisting of the latest local and national headlines. Online visitors to will find up-to-date breaking news stories, special reports, photo galleries and much more.

“With today’s digital technology, it is easier than ever to connect with our readers and advertising clients through email and by use of interactive forms on our website,” Mr. La Prade said. “This means we no longer have to bear the expense of an office, separate computer system, insurance and other maintenance costs that go along with those items.”

Readers in the habit of calling (302) 422-1200 can still use this number. The mailing address, however, will change to 110 Galaxy Drive, Dover, DE 19901.

Whenever possible, news items and other correspondence for the Chronicle or for the Delaware State News should be emailed to

Readers interested in submitting letters to the editor or placing classified ads can do so by visiting Subscribers to the State News can also manage their newspaper subscriptions online at this same website.

“Instead of paying for an office and the associated overhead, we can now redirect resources to better content and reporting in both newspapers, enhancing our digital services and improving our website design,” La Prade said.

The Chronicle and the Delaware State News are published by Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA and printed at the company’s plant in Dover.