Community pitches in to help Milford Little League

MILFORD — Shortly after discovering a water pipe burst had caused internal damage to its concession stand on Jan. 28, Milford Little League began receiving donation after donation from local businesses and community members to fix the damage and rebuild the inside of the structure.

The busted pipe, said to be caused by the frigid temperatures, led to 111,000 gallons of water pouring into the concession stand building and resulted in heavy water damage and a caved in ceiling.

“Everyone stepped in when we needed help the most,” said Milford Little League board member and fundraising chairman Lance Skinner. “It’s great. It just shows that everyone still supports the youth in the community and what little league stands for, and it’s just great to see that people still care and that they’re passionate about their little league facilities throughout the state of Del-aware.”

The little league board estimated it will take approximately $20,000 for the repairs, and Mr. Skinner expects the organization will be somewhere in that range in terms of donations when all is said and done.

In early February, a GoFundMe page was launched and donations from community members, as well as monetary donations from businesses and corporations in Milford and the surrounding are-as, started pouring in.

“We started a GoFundMe campaign and we’ve had some local business contributed large dona-tions and some companies themselves will assist us in the rebuild,” said Mr. Skinner.

The GoFundMe campaign, as of March 8, has reeled in $1,425 in donations from community members.

I.G. Burton, Hertrich Family of Automobile Dealerships and Burris Foods each made $5,000 do-nations. Advance Auto Parts in Milford made a $1,000 donation.

Organizations such as the Milford Church of God, Milford Pop Warner and M.O.T. Little League, among other organizations, contributed with donations as well.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that the community has our back,” said Mr. Skinner. “It feels great, we told them when they made those donations that it means a lot when you’re coming from a volunteer organization.”

While the structure itself and the equipment inside the building are fine, the structure needed to be gutted prior to the start of rebuild.

“Pro Clean Restoration, out of Dover, came in and volunteered to do the clean-up portion of it,” Mr. Skinner said.

“Basically, they fully gutted the entire concession stand all the way down to the studs. The structure itself is fine, the equipment in it appears to be fine as well.”

After the inside of the building was gutted and termite damage was discovered, that’s when Accurate Termite and Pest Control stepped up to the plate.

“Accurate Termite and Pest Control stepped in because we found termite damage when the building was gutted, so they came in and treated that free of charge,” said Mr. Skinner.

Brendan T. Warfel Construction and Bay Pro Contracting have taken the lead on the rebuilding process, which Mr. Skinner says the little league board hopes to have completed in time for opening day on Saturday, April 13.

“The goal date is to have it back up and running by April 13 for opening day,” Mr. Skinner said. “We’re going to have a chicken barbecue fundraiser that day, outside of the concession stand, with the hope that the concession stand is fully functional at that point for people who want to purchase things outside of the barbecue chicken.”

The rebuild includes insulation, plumbing and new walls, ceiling, countertops and cabinets.

The plumbing and insulation steps of the rebuild have been completed and the new walls are ex-pected to go up this week.

“We get daily updates on the progress that’s made from Todd Culotta from Bay Pro Contracting, then we go out there and monitor it ourselves to make sure everything’s going well and see if they need anything from us,” Mr. Skinner said.

Scott Willey and Ashlyn Sammons, according to Mr. Skinner, have also assisted in the organiza-tion and execution of the cleanup and rebuilding process.

Ms. Sammons is serving as the Vice President of Milford Little League board of directors this season.

Mr. Willey is serving as the co-equipment manager and co-uniform manager on the board of directors.

“If it wasn’t for Bay Pro, Brendan T. Warfel and then those companies making donations, it wouldn’t be possible to get back up and running,” claimed Mr. Skinner.

Any proceeds left over once the rebuild is complete will go towards “additional upgrades throughout the park.”

For additional information on the rebuild, Mr. Skinner can be reached via email at

Milford Little League’s official website can be found at

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