Congressional hopefuls Barney, Reigle trade shots

Sean Barney

Sean Barney

DOVER — Democratic congressional candidate Sean Barney is not only doubling down on his criticism of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, he is expanding it to the GOP nominee for Delaware’s sole seat in the U.S. House.

In a statement released Wednesday, Mr. Barney, who castigated Mr. Trump the previous day for comments some saw as disrespectful to veterans and said he is “unfit” to be president, challenged Hans Reigle to denounce Mr. Trump.

Mr. Reigle, the only Republican running for the House in Delaware, has publicly announced his support of the Republican nominee.

Hans Reigle

Hans Reigle

“It is time for Mr. Reigle to stand up for our fellow veterans and reject the bigoted, disrespectful and ignorant comments of his party’s nominee,” Mr. Barney said.

Mr. Reigle returned fire, referencing an attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans in 2012, when Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. She has been blamed by many Republicans for dismissing security concerns and mishandling the situation.

“Everyone familiar with me and my campaign knows that I am a veteran, my father is a veteran and my grandfather was a veteran. I am very proud to have served as a helicopter pilot in the Delaware Army National Guard and as a jet aircraft pilot in the Air Force Reserve for 20 years,” Mr. Reigle said.

“Based on the events of Benghazi, perhaps Mr. Barney should consider renouncing his support of the Democratic presidential candidate. If Mr. Barney wins the Democratic primary in September I will be happy to have lengthy discussions with him about important needed changes to the VA health system and veterans’ benefits.

“I am going to continue to focus my campaign on jobs, education reform, addressing our national debt and enhancing our nation’s security.”

Mr. Barney is one of six Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for the office.

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