Conviction upheld in Abdul White murder case

WILMINGTON — A convicted murderer’s 2017 trial was properly conducted, the Delaware Supreme Court determined Tuesday, and a life sentence will thus continue.

Abdul T. White was deemed responsible for the shooting death of a Milford man on Aug. 8, 2015, during a home invasion made in the search for a supposed large amount of marijuana.

John H. Harmon, 40, was shot to death and three men fled without finding any drugs, according to an eight-page order.

White contended that a mistrial was warranted due to alleged evidence issues, documents and information not supplied by prosecutors, along with introduction of the defendant’s “Duct Tape Bandit” tattoo before the jury.

At the jury trial, White testified that while he was in the house he had not shot Mr. Harmon.

He also claimed to be forced into the incident because of a $20,000 debt to another defendant.

Duct tape was used during the crime, the Court ruled, “and the risk of prejudice did not substantially outweigh its probative value.”

White unsuccessfully pointed to then-Delaware State Police ballistics expert Carl Rone’s handling of evidence early in the case, which was followed by discipline and resignation from state employment.

The state was unaware of any alleged misdeeds until two months after Rone was convicted and the ballistics expert did not testify at tria

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