Court denies appeal request from Smyrna woman who poisoned husband

Jamie L. Baker

DOVER — A Smyrna woman’s request to lengthen the time available to file a reduction of sentence request for poisoning her husband four years ago has been denied in Superior Court.

Jamie L. Baker sought more time to possibly file to shorten a 40-year prison sentence based on successful completion of rehabilitation plans through the Court and Department of Correction. She filed a motion through her lawyers on June 7.

Baker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced on March 31. Investigation found she used a hypodermic syringe to inject a chemical into two bottles of steroids used by her husband James D. Baker Jr., causing his death on Sept. 16, 2013.

According to police, the substance mixed with the liquid steroids was ethylene glycol, a chemical found in anti-freeze.

Citing case law in a two-page order, Judge William L. Witham determined that “[i]t does not appear that the sentencing judge expressly reserved the authority to modify the sentence except for reserving the right to add restitution in the future.

“Thus, the motion must be and is denied.”

According to Judge Witham, the state maintained that an extension is only valid “in the case of an appeal or in the event of extraordinary circumstances pursuant to other means.”

Baker’s 50-year sentence was suspended after 40 years, with declining levels of supervision and intensive probation to follow, the order read.

She did not file a direct appeal following her conviction or sentence.

Deputy Attorneys General Jason Cohee and Nicole Hartman represented the Delaware Department of Justice. Attorneys Suzanne Macpherson-Johnson and J’Aime Walker counseled Ms. Baker.

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