Craft brewery’s plans are moving forward in Dagsboro

DAGSBORO — Plans to bring craft beer business to Dagsboro have cleared public hearing and town code amendment hurdles.

Town council by 4-0 votes at its March 18 meeting approved a resolution and ordinance that add definitions of brewpub and wine-pub to town code and make brewpubs and wine-bars permitted uses in Dagsboro’s highway commercial district.

Council’s action moves Brown Brothers Brewing one step closer to bringing a nanobrewery small-batch brewery/tasting room business to the Savannah Square Shopping Center.

Ocean View resident Zack Brown, who is teaming with brothers Ronnie and Nick Brown, hopes business will be brewing this fall.

“Right now, it’s looking October. So, it will be after the busy season and the tourists are out of here so we can kind of focus on the locals and get their feel for how they like the drinks and recipes and things like that,” said Zack Brown. “We feel this will be a great addition to the businesses in the town of Dagsboro, because will offer a nice ambiance in a good setting for people that enjoy craft beer to visit and socialize.”

“I think it will be a nice addition to the town,” said Dagsboro Mayor Brian Baull.

Zack and Ronnie Brown attended Monday night’s council meeting.

The mandated public hearing drew no comment either for or against the resolution or ordinance proposals.

Kyle Gulbronson, Dagsboro’s consultant with AECOM, affirmed that the ordinance creates definition for wine-bar and brewpub and makes it a permitted use in the highway commercial district. “So, anyone can apply after this point,” Mr. Gulbronson said.

Plans for the approximate 1,700 square-foot brewery and tasting room include high-top tables with seating for about 80 patrons and a small stage area for music entertainment, preferably soloists and duos.

In addition, Zack Brown said they have received permission from the Savannah Square Shopping Center ownership to have food trucks on site in the parking lot, probably Thursday through Sunday.

“They are allowing me to have food trucks in there any day of the week,” Zack Brown said. “On the weekdays they would prefer after 4 o’clock when the other stores close. But on the weekends, any time of the day because there is a large parking lot and a lot of those other stores aren’t open.”

Brown Brothers Brewing’s next steps are to acquire a town of Dagsboro business license and finalize the lease with Savannah Square.

“After that it is in place, I’ll have an address and business license in the town,” Zack Brown said. “Then I can pursue my Delaware liquor license and craft brewing license, and then my federal will come last.”

Plans are to have six to eight craft beers on tap, including four or five permanent selections with several others on a changing basis.

Brews will have catchy names coinciding with memories and events from the Brown brothers’ past.

“We’ll probably have to brainstorm,” said Ronnie Brown, who resides in Tacoma Park near Washington, D.C. and plans to move back to the area probably within the year.

Potential names may include Electric Circus IPA and Black Eye Stout.

“I gave my younger brother a black eye because we were building a fort and I had the platform built but didn’t apply any nails in the two by four …,” said Zack Brown. “A stout is black. It’s a heavier beer, so the Black Eye Stout is going to correlate with that.”

At Dagsboro council’s Feb. 25 meeting, Zack Brown said the two-phased plan is to start with a modern, state-of-the-art nano brewing system and tasting room/bar, and at some point in the future possibly expand to another site, hopefully in Dagsboro and incorporate a restaurant component.

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