Crooked Hammock Brewery to work with ILC Dover on ‘space-themed’ beer

MIDDLETOWN — Hoping to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that put an ILC Dover-constructed space suit on the face of the moon, Crooked Hammock Brewery announced its intention to work with the historic manufacturer on a “space-themed” beer.

The limited-release stout will be available at an event at their Lewes brewery in Mid-October, said Tommy Little, the brewer’s digital marketing manager.

“After reading about all the work they did on the space suits we reached out to them about the idea of collaborating,” he said. “We wanted to pay homage to the small southern Delaware company that really had a monumental effect on our country and science.”

Though they’re keeping both the name of the beer and the ingredients under wraps, Mr. Little said both will be space-inspired and evoke man’s first trip to the moon. ILC Dover will participate in the event by bringing some displays to the brewery.

“They have some cool backdrops and things they’re going to bring down so people can take photos, and learn some history while they drink beer,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to tell their story to people who may not know much about their amazing historical contribution. We really like having these small, meaningful community collaborations.”

Crooked Hammock Brewery also just completed a limited release of Pass the Sauce — a peach cobbler sour ale collaboration done with Bennett Orchards in Frankford.

Originally tapped in early August, the small batch is near depletion. Last year, they made a cranderry-apple flavored version of Pass the Sauce around Thanksgiving.

2nd location: Middletown
Announced earlier this year, the brewery company is in the middle of constructing its second location in Middletown on U.S. 301 west of town.

The new 8,000 square-foot restaurant and brewery will likely be complete mid- to late fall, said one of the brewery’s founding partners Rich Garrahan.
“The restaurant will be about the same size as the Lewes location, but we’ll have a backyard that’s about four times the size with more activities,” he said. “We’ll have bocce, corn hole, horseshoes, shuffleboard and definitely more hammocks. We’re designing a really cool new tasting room too inside the brewery too to highlight that experience. The brewery itself will be twice the size. Down in Lewes we’re brewing in a 7-barrel brewhouse, and we’ll have 15 barrels up in Middletown.”

Since originally opening in October 2015, Mr. Garrahan says the small operation has grown by leaps and bounds.

“Our volume has grown every single year — this month, we’ll brew the most beer we’ve every brewed in a month, beating the last record we set in July,” he said. “This summer has been the busiest we’ve had too because the weather has been great. Of course our production will shoot up even more once we open the other brewery in Middletown. We’ve started selling more of our beer in liquor stores in the state too.”

Anxious to launch the new location, Mr. Garrahan says the crowd in Middletown is just the right type for the brewery.
“The community was the number one thing that attracted us,” he said.

“There are a lot of active young-at-heart retirees and young families living there and moving in — those are the kinds of people that embrace the Crooked Hammock experience.”

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