Dagsboro mulling options in street banner replacement

Dagsboro’s town council and the Dagsboro Business Alliance are collaborating on a new banner replacement initiative. On poles throughout town at present are the snowflake banners. (Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe )

DAGSBORO — Snowflake banners are currently on utility poles throughout the town of Dagsboro.

With spring and warmer weather just around the corner, the Dagsboro Business Alliance is proposing to collaborate with town officials in a replacement program that could offer personalized options and increase promotion of the town.

“A big goal of the Dagsboro Business Alliance is bringing businesses and the community together to strengthen our town … to make it grow as more of a destination, instead of what many call it as a pass-through town,” said Audrey Miller, president of the Dagsboro Business Alliance, during a presentation at the Jan. 27 council meeting.

“One of the coolest things we think we have going for us now as part of the town is in the Dagsboro Business Alliance. Our members seem to be very eager to market the town, promote the town and also market themselves,” said Art Blanchette of the DBA. “That gives us something — a good resource for the town, because they are willing to pay for it.”

A $1,000 donation from American Legion Post 24 in Dagsboro boosted the town’s budget for new banners.

Council gave its blessing for Dagsboro Mayor Brian Baull and Ms. Miller to collaborate on the best plan forward for the town and businesses.

“I know the businesses would like to promote themselves on the flags,” said Mayor Baull. “I even thought; could we even open it up to people who would like to maybe put a family member’s name on there, or like ‘in remembrance of’ … and actually make flags that they could purchase to add to the town’s inventory.”

Pictured are two of many possible options that could be considered n a street banner replacement program in the town of Dagsboro.

“I’d like to investigate that and maybe we can put our heads together and come up with a design and an option of different things,” Mayor Baull said. “I know our goal as a town is to just have one flag that can go up and stay up year-round. Obviously, they are not going to last 10 years hanging up there. So they will have to be replaced from time to time. But we are trying to cut out having two trips to put different banners up. I don’t think we need to put the snowflake banners up if we have Christmas lights up. That represents Christmas; so we’re good.”

“If we have a design that everybody can agree on that can stay up year round, we’ll get them, we’ll leave them up and then replace them as needed,” said Mayor Baull. “I know you guys want to promote the businesses in town, which I have no problem with that whatsoever.”

Mr. Blanchette, who, with his wife, operates First Alert Motivations in Dagsboro, presented potential vendor, style, size and material options at January’s council meeting.

Townwide, there are about 40 banners.

“I think the town is already considering new banners. If you ride around town, you see at least two different ones. Some are looking a little worn,” Mr. Blanchette said. “The idea of replacing these banners is already being approached right now, especially with money donated by the American Legion. The Dagsboro Business Alliance would like to be part of that. That we can’t do without approval of the town council. We’d like to be able to be part of that to promote members of the business, but also to be able to help the town with the expense. We think that is a win-win.”

“We are aware that the American Legion had donated money to the town for banners,” Ms. Miller said. “So, we are not trying to jump on any toes. We’re not trying to take away from the flag image that we have had in the past – the patriotism that we have shown in our town. We are more just trying to kind of play off that in a different way with these flags that we already have going on, and show something, a different message for people who pass through Dagsboro for the first time.”