Defendants deny firearm possession during 2017 Dover shooting

Guy E. Jones

DePaul Wilson

DOVER — Two Maryland men admitted to traveling to Dover to buy marijuana last year for a transaction that left a supposed dealer shot dead, but both denied ever possessing a firearm during the fatal encounter.

On Monday morning, Superior Court jurors watched recorded interviews of Guy E. Jones, 28, and DePaul Wilson, 37, by Dover Police detectives investigating the alleged murder of Javan Cale at his Clearfield Apartments home on Jan. 10, 2017.

The lifelong Worton residents initially told police that Mr. Wilson was shot during a trip to Middletown, according to the interviews, but detectives continued to present information indicating that wasn’t possible while discounting their version. Middletown Police found no evidence of a shooting in their jurisdiction that night, detectives said.

As the interviews evolved, the men indicated they traveled to Dover with a gun-wielding man who had arranged a drug transaction. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jones claimed they did not know Mr. Cale. They ran from the scene after shots rang out in what police described as a gunfight between Mr. Cale and suspects, according to their statements.

No suspect gun was recovered, a Dover Police detective testified Monday, and a firearm believed to be possessed by Mr. Cale was located in his apartment.

Mr. Wilson was shot in the leg during the supposed exchange, police said investigation found, and transported to a Middletown hospital for treatment before a later release from Christiana Hospital in Newark. He and neighbor/cousin Mr. Jones were arrested shortly afterward in their Worton homes, police said.

The prosecution may wrap up its presentation today, and the defense case will follow.

After the men were taken into custody in Maryland, a Kent County Detention Center officer testified to discovering apparent wounds on Mr. Cale’s shoulder and thighs, though only photos of the shoulder injuries were available to be presented as evidence.

At the time of his police interview, Mr. Wilson needed to use crutches due to leg wounds, according to testimony.

Both men pleaded not guilty to two counts each of first-degree murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and single counts of first-degree attempted robbery, second-degree conspiracy and possession of firearm or ammunition by person prohibited.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Wilson are being held by the Delaware Department of Correction.

Resident Judge William L. Witham Jr. is overseeing the trial, which opened on Tuesday, April 17. Deputy Attorneys General Stephen R. Welch Jr. and Sean Motoyoshi are prosecuting the case, with attorneys Susan MacPherson-Johnson and Patrick J. Collins representing the defendants.

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