Delaware Primary Results

Results of the Delaware primary election (statewide and Kent and Sussex races):

U.S. House

Democratic Party

Lisa Blunt Rochester, Wilmington ____27,919____44%

Bryan Townsend, Newark ____15,847____25%

Sean Barney, Wilmington____12,891____20%

Micheal C. Miller Sr., Lewes ____3,500____5%

Scott Walker, Milford ____3,156____5%

Elias J. Weir, Newark ____480____1%

General election opponents:
•Hans Reigle, Wyoming, Republican Party
•Mark Joseph Perri, Wilmington, Green Party
•Scott A. Gesty, Wilmington, Libertarian Party


Republican Party

Colin Bonini, Camden ____21,150____70%

Lacey Lafferty, Laurel ____9,115____30%

General Election opponents:
•John C. Carney Jr., Wilmington, Democratic Party
•Andrew Richard Groff, Wilmington, Green Party
•Sean Louis Goward, Dover, Libertarian Party

Lieutenant Governor

Democratic Party

Bethany Hall-Long, Middletown ____18.326____29%

Sherry Dorsey Walker, Wilmington ____13,748____22%

Kathleen McGuiness, Rehoboth ____10,860____17%

Ciro Poppiti III, Wilmington ____10,835____17%

Gregory Fuller Sr., Lincoln ____5,701____9%

Bradley S. Eaby, Dover ____3,522____6%

General Election opponent:
•La Mar T. Gunn, Dover, Republican Party

Insurance Commissioner

Democratic Party

Trinidad Navarro, Bear ____33,096____55%

Karen Weldin Stewart ____27,163____45%

Republican Party

Jeffrey E. Cragg, Wilmington ____15,075____52%

George Parish, Long Neck ____14,123____48%

State Representative District 14

Democratic Party

Peter C. Schwartzkopf, Rehoboth ____1,868____74%

Don R. Peterson, Rehoboth Beach, ____660____26%

General Election opponent:
•James Louis DeMartino, Republican Party

State Representative District 33

Republican Party

Charles S. Postles Jr., Milford ____714____45%

Robert Scott, Harrington ____559____35%

Morgan Hudson, Milford ____306____19%

General Election opponent:
•Karen D. Williams, Felton, Democratic Party

State Representative District 35

Republican Party

David S. Wilson, Lincoln ____1,251____69%

Robert D. Mitchell, Greenwood ____557____31%

General Election opponent:
•Gary M. Wolfe, Greenwood, Democratic Party

Kent County Levy Court

District 3

Democratic Party

Allan Angel, Dover ____896____63%

Keith Mumford, Dover ____529____37%

General Election opponent: None

Sussex County Council

District 2

Republican Party

Samuel R. Wilson Jr., Georgetown ____1,432____56%

Lisa Hudson Briggs, Georgetown ____1,146____44%

District 3

Republican Party

Irwin G. Burton III, Lewes ____1,205____36%

Mark G. Schaeffer, Lewes ____1,129____32%

Kevin E. Burdette, Milton ____665____19%

Frank E. Shade, Lewes ____461____13%

General Election opponent:
•Leslie Ledogar, Lewes, Democratic Party

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