DelDOT proposes changes to tricky, dangerous intersection between Seaford, Georgetown

GEORGETOWN — A study is complete, and change appears to be on the way for a tricky, sometimes dangerous intersection between Seaford and Georgetown.

Delaware’s Department of Transportation has completed an evaluation at the intersection of Old Furnace Road and Cokesbury Road, several miles east of Seaford.

This intersection has a high frequency of crashes and an irregular intersection layout.

According to DelDOT spokesman C.R. McLeod, this study effort was initiated as a result of another request on Old Furnace Road regarding a fatal crash near Old Furnace Road and Rementer Road, when it was noted that this subject intersection had a relatively high frequency of crashes and an irregular intersection layout.

“As part of the study, we reviewed detailed crash history, background study history, existing conditions, traffic count data, operational analyses of alternatives and sight distances,” Mr. McLeod said.

DelDOT plans to make some improvements to the intersection and has proposed two options:

• Option 1: Improve signage at the intersection but keep the flow of the intersection as-is;

• Option 2: Change the traffic flow at the intersection by making the traffic from Cokesbury Road stop and making Old Furnace Road free-flowing.

DelDOT Traffic prefers the second option (relocate the stop controlled approach to be on Cokesbury Road), Mr. McLeod said.

This change would remove the existing sharp turn between Old Furnace Road and Cokesbury Road, improve intersection sight distances, achieve slightly better intersection operations (less delays), and is ultimately intended to result in a reduction of crashes.

The second alternative is also clearer for drivers to navigate, said Mr. McLeod.

State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn is seeking public feedback on the proposal. To submit feedback/comment, visit Sen. Pettyjohn’s survey at: