Demolition approval given for relocation of Sussex paramedic station

This properry located between U.S. 13A and Sussex Highway is the proposed site in Sussex County Emergency Medical Services’ plans to move Medic 110/EMS 200 from a leased facility in Blades to a location just north of Seaford. (Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe)

SEAFORD — Sussex County’s ongoing effort to migrate from lease arrangement to outright ownership of Emergency Medical Services paramedic stations has reached the demolition stage for one of its locations in Western Sussex.

County council on Tuesday accepted the low bid in the project to relocate its leased-facility in Blades to a new county-owned base just north of Seaford between U.S. 13A and Sussex Highway.

The bid, awarded to Swain Excavating Inc., targets the existing structure off southbound US 13. The building, vacant for some time, has had several commercial uses, most recently Seaford Pet Emporium.

“It’s a good project. We’re excited,” said Sussex County Administrator Todd Lawson at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The new Medic 110/EMS 200 Station will be only a few miles from Medic 107, which is in the Delaware State Police Troop 5 public safety complex on South U.S. 13/Sussex 404 in Bridgeville. It is several miles closer to Medic 107 than the Blades location.

“They (Medic 107 and Medic 110) are going to run together,” said county councilman Samuel Wilson Jr. “I can’t see why we even got one there.”

“They will be close together,” said county councilman John Rieley.

The general location was selected based on historical dispatch data, allowing for an alternate response route into Seaford as well as forecasting of future service requests.

“They run these numbers and say it should be located in a certain spot for the runs they make,” said county council president Michael Vincent, whose District 1 encompasses the Seaford area. “They (EMS) are the ones that picked the spot. We didn’t.”

“This property is located strategically on 13A, which goes into Seaford where most of their runs are made, as well as on a crossover of the highway. So, a very strategic location,” said Mr. Lawson.

Supervisor headquarters will also shift from Blades to the new Medic 110 base.

The city of Seaford will provide water and sewer service. That agreement is before city leaders for consideration and should be back before council in several weeks, probably by early November, said Sussex County Engineer Hans Medlarz.

Swain’s bid of $59,948.75 represents a substantial savings, Mr. Medlarz noted.

“The project came in approximately 50 percent less than was identified on general contractor’s bid. So, a significant savings. It was $120,000-some before,” he said. “We are essentially saving $60,000. And it only costs us $60,000 to do the demolition.”

The project will include building demolition and site restoration work.

Questioned by council, Mr. Medlarz said the demolition and restoration work is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

The new Medic 110/EMS 200 should be completed in less than 24 months, Mr. Medlarz said.

It will mirror Medic 104 in Lewes.

“We’re using the same specs that we used for the eastside supervisor’s paramedic station on Plantations Road,” Mr. Lawson said. “It will look very similar if not the same. By using the same specs, we are able to save money. We’re just phasing our way through it. We bought the property. Now we’re demoing the property. The engineering department is bringing water and sewer to the property.”

There is no cost estimate presently.

“Structure costs are up because of the nature of today’s market,” Mr. Lawson said.

Currently, the county still has lease agreements for paramedic stations in Blades (Medic 110/ESM 200), Lincoln (Medic 101), Dagsboro (Medic 103) and Milton (111). Medic 107 in Bridgeville is leased from the state, but at no cost. The initial Medic 107 lease was rent-free in exchange for the county’s financial contribution to the public safety complex.

The county owns EMS paramedic sites in Laurel (Medic 102), Long Neck (Medic 106), Bethany Beach (Medic 105), Lewes (Medic 104) and the Medic 108 headquarters in Georgetown.

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