DOC medical contractor’s COO resigns

WILMINGTON — After more than 20 years with Connections Community Support Programs Inc. — the Delaware Department of Correction medical contractor — the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Devaney, stepped down earlier this month.

“Chris resigned Feb. 1 to pursue other opportunities,” said Connections CSP spokesman Adam Taylor.

According to his LinkenIn, Mr. Devaney, the son of Connections CSP CEO Catherine DeVaney McKay, began his career as director of the Community Continuum of Care Program before moving up to vice president of operation, a position he served in for 14 years. He then moved on to become chief operating officer, a position he maintained for about 10 years before departing earlier this month.

Because the company’s personnel information is kept private, no specific reason for the resignation was given.

Founded in 1985, Connections CSP operates in more than 100 separate locations in Delaware, including all facilities in the state’s unified correctional system.

They’ve also recently expanded their services to the eastern shore of Maryland.

The company has more than 1,700 full-time employees who serve more than 42,000 people each year, according to their website.


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