Dover city government hires an assistant manager

DOVER— Kirby A. Hudson is just the person the city was looking for when he was hired by city manager Scott Koenig to serve as his assistant.

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“He is well prepared for his new position,” Mr. Koenig said. “We have high expectations of him and I know he will be a valuable asset for Dover.”

Mr. Hudson’s first day in his new office was on Tuesday, which consisted of getting acquainted with his colleagues and the city.

“I was in and out of meetings and met with key staff members,” said Mr. Hudson, 56. “I was getting adapted to everything and it was a basic welcome-aboard type of day.”

Mr. Hudson is originally from Mamaroneck, N.Y. He has lived in Delaware for 27 years and currently resides in Wilmington.

“This is the first time that I lived and worked in the same state,” Mr. Hudson said. “I’ll commute to work every day, but I’m excited about the opportunity. I’ll be interacting with different people and the type of different businesses the city has to offer is great.”

Previously he was city manager in Coatesville, Pa., for three years and assistant manager for six years before that.
Mr. Hudson earned a bachelor of arts degree in public administration and a master’s degree in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.

His experience includes economic and community development, planning and land development, budgeting, labor relations and the development of community outreach programs in an effort to elevate and improve community living standards.

“He’s experienced in both levels,” Mr. Koenig said. “He understands how a city should function, and at his previous job he had to manage the city with a lot less.

“Everything that we’re doing here he’s experienced it before. He’s helped with revitalizing downtown at his previous job and we’re in the process of doing that now. He has those skill sets that will help us continue to thrive as a city.”
Mr. Hudson will be paid $114,000 as assistant city manager, said Mr. Koenig. City Council approved the addition of the assistant city manager position as part of the fiscal year 2015 budget.

The hiring process began last autumn as between 50 and 60 applicants expressed interest.

“People from all over the country applied,” Mr. Koenig said. “We had the money set aside for this hiring, as it was placed in the budget.”

Mr. Koenig said the hiring of an assistant city manager was city council’s idea.
“Sometime last year they expressed they wanted me to get things done faster, they wanted more information coming from my office and wanted me not to handle the labor negotiations so much,” Mr. Koenig said. “From there they gave me a choice to hire someone to give me some additional help.”

Some of Mr. Hudson’s duties will include handling labor negotiations, helping with projects underway for the city and helping prepare and present the budget.

Mr. Hudson watched city council meetings to help him prepare for his new position.
“I looked at everything,” Mr. Hudson said. “I looked at agenda packets and those videos, so I can get an understanding of what’s going on. It gave me a chance to put names to faces with the members of council too.

“I wanted to have an understanding as to what direction the city was headed. The city is growing and I feel with my experience I can help.”

Mr. Hudson said he’s excited to be a part of the city’s growth.

“There are so many opportunities here,” Mr. Hudson said. “The city is growing and I have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. I get a chance to work with state legislators and work with businesses I never worked with before.

“These types of opportunities don’t come around often, so I’m blessed to be a part of it, as it’s very exciting to me.”

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