Dover council awards pavement repair contract

DOVER — City council voted unanimously Monday to award a contract to Sam’s Construction for the fiscal year 2015 Street and Alley Program.

Compensation for each contractor will be based upon progress and quality of work, in the amount of $370,842.

In concurrence with the Dover’s Capital Investments Plan, it is proposed to rehabilitate various pavement and concrete sections throughout the city as well as complete some asphalt and concrete work for the Inner City Cultural League during fiscal year 2015, said city manager Scott Koenig.

The total length of scheduled street repaving overlaying is approximately 4,902 linear feet or 0.928 miles.

Along with repaving, this project includes replacing approximately 914 linear feet of curb, 735 square feet of driveway apron, 2,930 square feet of sidewalk and 730 square yards of various patch work.

Officials estimated that the Inner City Cultural League will require an additional 3,300 square feet of pavement, 325 linear feet of curb, 1,400 square feet of sidewalk and one junction box to be installed.

Bids were opened April 8. Five contractors submitted unit price bids for the proposed work to be performed. Sam’s Construction was the low bidder and its previous work for the city was found to be satisfactory, said Mr. Koenig.

Work will be performed in accordance to the bid specifications.

Council also unanimously voted to refer the first reading of rezoning properties at 605, 625, 635, 645 and 655 Bay Road and 400 Haslet Street to the planning commission on May 18.

The properties are owned by Blue Hen Mall LLC, Read Street LLC and Blue Hen Apt LLC.

The rezoning change will allow additional apartment buildings on the east portion of the site and to bring the remaining shopping center area into compliance with the minimum land area requirement.

The final reading and council action will take place on June 8.

Four of the five newly elected council members — James Hosfelt, who will represent the First District; Brian Lewis, Second District; Fred Neil, Third District; and Roy Sudler Jr., Fourth District — were in the audience observing the meeting.

David Bonar, who was defeated by Scott Cole, congratulated the victors.
“I just want to say welcome to the council chamber,” Mr. Bonar said. “You have a big job ahead of you. I know you guys will join forces with the rest of the council remaining and do a good job for our city.”

Mr. Neil will be sworn in on May 4, due to the seat being left vacant in November by the election of Rep. Sean Lynn to the General Assembly.
The other newly elected officials will be sworn in on May 11.

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