Dover Council to pay for water line to county rec site

DOVER — City council voted unanimously to reimburse Kent County Levy Court $30,000 for the increased diameter water main currently being installed for the Kent County Recreation building on New Burton Road.

In spring 2014 Levy Court staff met with Dover officials to discuss a new project — the Kent County Recreation Center.

Scott Koenig

Scott Koenig

The location of this project south of Webbs Lane isn’t within city of Dover boundaries.

To provide potable water to the site, Levy Court proposed to extend a city-owned water main from Webbs Lane south within New Burton Road to the site, approximately 2,700 linear feet.

“We’ve been working for them over the last few years,” said city manager Scott Koenig. “The county has undertaken the construction of a large recreation center. During the design phase they asked for city water to be extended to the property.”

This main would be within state of Delaware right-of-way and would ultimately become Dover’s to maintain. The design calculations from the project engineer showed that an 8-inch water main would be sufficient to provide proper domestic and fire water for the project.

Dover officials requested that the water main be increased to a 12-inch diameter to provide the city an opportunity for system expansion in the future.

The water main will be paid for out of the $1 million dedicated to the city’s water structure budget under water quality improvement, said Mr. Koenig.

“It will provide us with potential expansion to the future, which may provide and additional looping to our water system,” said Mr. Koenig.

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