Dover IHOP restaurant re-opens after health inspection closure

DOVER — Cockroaches — both dead and alive — and unsanitary conditions brought the temporary closure of a Dover IHOP following a Tuesday inspection, according to an official report,

The restaurant at 21 S. Little Creek Road re-opened Wednesday after passing a Delaware Division of Public Health re-inspection.
On Thursday, an IHOP staffer declined comment and referred a Delaware State News reporter to corporate headquarters.

On Friday, IHOP corporate released a statement that read:

“The restaurant is working closely with the Delaware Division of Public Health and took immediate action to address their comments.  The owner and operator of this restaurant, as well as all IHOP franchisees, are committed to upholding the highest of standards when it comes to food safety and restaurant cleanliness.”

The DPH went to the business after receiving a complaint of cockroaches allegedly present, the report said.

An inspector found roaches were located in the dishwashing area and around the grill; several were “observed directly next to plates used to serve customers food,” the report said.

The establishment was ordered immediately closed ”due to (the) health hazard of gross unsanitary conditions that may endanger public health,” the report stated.

Also seen, according to the inspector, were “several dead cockroaches that were not removed after post treatment from the day/night before.”

Additionally, the DPH “observed heavy build up of grease and food debris in grill area. Floors, sides of equipment and shelving had multiple layers of food buildup.”

DPH ordered that closure signs must remain on front and back doors unless removed by the state.

Mandates to reopen included:

• No dead or alive cockroaches anywhere in establishment.

• Thoroughly deep clean grill area, floors, equipment, shelves, walls …

• All drains need to be free and clear of food debris.

• Keep copies of all pest management records.

• Consult with licensed pest professional on treatment recommended, increasing frequency of treatments. Always follow guidance and execution from pest professionals.

• Entire establishment needs to be cleaned/sanitized after treatments from pest company.

• All food not covered/protected must be discarded.

The restaurant was given phone number to schedule a re-inspection.

IHOP was moved from a medium to high risk category, which requires inspections every three months until two straight checks without any priority-related violations are found.