Dover manager outlines city spending needs

DOVER — It’s all in the details.

City Manager Scott Koenig continued to outline spending needs Thursday in another meeting with the council to discuss the upcoming fiscal year budget.

For example, he said material and supplies for the city’s street budget jumped up 7 percent due to sand and salt expenses.

“We’re trying to budget appropriately for those expenses,” Mr. Koenig said. The last two winters have been more expensive than prior winters related to sand and salt so we’re trying to do some averaging and budget appropriately.”

Personnel costs remained flat due to decreases in overtime, shift differential and offsetting increases in salaries and benefit costs for wage and benefit cost increases.

Mr. Koenig said the constant rate was related to new people coming in to the organizations at lower rates.

Also administrative expenses increased by 10 percent.

“That’s related to expenses in the department,” Mr. Koenig said.

But the Capital Outlay is down 63 percent.

“This year has the Garrison Oak expenses for the streets,” Mr. Koenig said. There are projects that are in the proposed capital outlay for streets.

“One is a one-ton dump truck for $1 million dollars, and PW2 site improvement. I’m expecting that we’re going to make provisions to that project before the budget is finalized because we’ve had some ongoing discussions with the state on how it will be changed and be funded.

“Also we have to replace the valve on Silver Lake damn because it was identified as deficient,” Mr. Koenig added.

Councilman Roy Sudler Jr. asked about the process of repaving roads within the city.

“When a constituent has a concern or built a new house or come into that community and has done a lot of rehabbing to that area, what do they need to do if a street needs to be repaved,” Councilman Sudler asked.

Mr. Koenig said there needs to be a pavement conditioning rating.

“There’s a spreadsheet that rates all of the pavements that the city owns and that we have in our inventory,” Mr. Koenig said. “There’s a scoring system used as a guide to prioritize as to what roads we should pave first.

“But there are a number of influences that affect that spread sheet so if we have a water and sewer project that has messed up the road that may jump the priority of that road section. There are many different alternatives, but one must request for an evaluation.”

The special council meetings to review the budget will continue at 6 p.m. and on June 1 and 2.

But Council President Timothy Slavin requested that an additional date be added sometime next week, as council has until June 8 to adopt a budget for 2016.

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