Dover officials say all is “good” with Walker Rd. water

DOVER – City of Dover employees hand delivered water notices to a very isolated area off Walker Road last Friday as a precautionary measure to properties specifically tied to that water main.

City officials said that all the testing for impurities in the water came back “absent.”

However, they said after the water notice letter went viral on social media on Friday that people have not shared the result – that the water findings were absent. They asked the public today that if they shared the water notice letter to also share that the results were fine.

The city said dispatch has been inundated with calls from people wanting to know if they are impacted. Anyone who did not receive a letter was not impacted to begin with, but most importantly everything is good.

It was strictly a precautionary measure and as soon as the results came back the city shared them.

“Happy to report that the water testing came back absent (nothing found!) The boil notice for those properties HAS BEEN LIFTED,” the city wrote on its Facebook page. “Sorry for the inconvenience but it was better to be safe by taking the precautions until the tests came back. Thank you for your understanding!”

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