Dover Police offer free microchips for pets

DOVER — The Dover Police Department is going to the dogs — at least on Saturday morning.

That’s when its Animal Control Unit will be hosting a Community Outreach Dog Microchip Day from 9 a.m. until noon at Legislative Mall in downtown Dover.

The police will have 100 microchips available to inject into dogs, which will make them easier to find should they run away from home or get lost.

“I think it’s important as a responsible pet owner to have microchips placed in their animals,” said Cpl. Mark Hoffman, spokesman for the Dover Police Department. “It’s easy to see that dogs and cats sometimes have a mind of their own and they can run off.

“This helps our officers find the animals’ owners if this should happen.”

A quick glance at the lost and found pet registry on the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare website shows that lost pets are still a big issue throughout the state. Microchips can help reduce the problem.

Staff from the Governors Avenue Animal Hospital will also be on hand Saturday to offer $10 rabies vaccinations for dogs and puppies.

Terri Dove, assistant to the Practice Manager at Governors Avenue Animal Hospital, is thrilled that the police are offering Dover residents the chance to get free microchips for their dogs.

“I think it’s fantastic, which is why we wanted to be a part of the event,” Ms. Dove said. “A lot of animals get misplaced and run off and we don’t know where they come from.

“We’re overjoyed when we find a microchip [in a pet] because then we can find out who they belong to and can hopefully set up a happy reunion between them and their owner.”

Employees from local PetSmart and Concord Pet Food and Supplies stores will also be at the event and will provide free demonstrations and pet friendly giveaways.

Cpl. Hoffman said the event is a fun way for the police department’s Animal Control Unit to interact with the city’s residents.

“Animal control really is a full-time job,” he said. “Our officers handle various animal complaints on a daily basis. This gives us an opportunity to reach out to different segments of the community.”

Cpl. Hoffman said all pets attending Dog Microchip Day must be leashed at all times and all animal waste is the responsibility of the pet owner and must be picked up immediately.

“It should be a fun time for our animal control officers and the community,” he said. “Who doesn’t love dogs?”

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